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Elite Pressure Washing Services commercial parking lot and garage facility sweeping caters to your property’s needs and schedule. Our mission to make sure that your parking lots create a positive impression for your customers, employees, and tenants – all while maintaining a low environmental impact and improving surface durability and longevity.

Clean parking lots tend to give customers, residents, or employees a more positive impression of your business or property. Elite Pressure Washing Services state-of-the-art sweeping vehicles are able to quickly remove foreign objects and debris, leaving your parking lots or garages looking pristine. Our parking lot sweeping services cover shopping malls, strip centers, apartment buildings, office and industrial parks, commercial parking garage, and parking garage decks.

Retail Parking Lot Sweeping & Commercial Areas Parking Lot Cleaning

The appearance of your paved surfaces is the first impression people have when approaching your retail, business, or commercial property and a clean crisp presentation is an inviting image.

Routine Parking Lot Sweeping

Power sweeping of all hard surfaces, via a vacuum truck, is the key component of an ongoing parking lot maintenance program for your retail facility.

This may also include pottering services for power blowing sidewalks, corners, loading docks plus cleaning trash from islands and perimeter grounds, as well as emptying trash receptacles and replacing trash can liners.

Environmental Impact Concerns Addressed

Our sweeping service staff are trained in environmental impact reduction and pollution control techniques, they understand and can help you address specific issues related to stormwater runoff, dust mitigation and other environmental concerns.

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