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Our use of highly trained, hands-on and accessible management ensures that you will receive the best customer service and quality care for your janitorial needs. We’re small enough to understand that customer service is key, yet large enough to tackle large janitorial jobs throughout California.

Elite Pressure Washing Services will clean to your specifications and on your schedule. Regular office cleaning programs include trash removal, paper product restocking, carpet & hard floor maintenance, bathroom and break room cleaning. Your building will be maintained in top condition when Elite Pressure Washing Services provides you with janitorial services. Special cleanings for holidays and events are never a problem.

Sanitization Services

You know the key to keeping employees and customers happy and healthy; it’s sanitation. Germs can spread fast in areas that are exposed to human wastes and other bodily fluids. Elite Pressure Washing Services has been keeping workers and customers safe through its disinfecting protocols for years. Impress the owners, executives and clients of your company with a consistently clean office environment. Led by our competent supervisors, Elite Pressure Washing Services office cleaners deliver impeccable office cleaning you can count on.

How Professional Sanitation Services Go Beyond Clean

Modern sanitation treatments enhance regular cleaning procedures to remove the germs that you don’t see. Hospital-grade germicides that are applied with electrostatic sprayers have a longer-lasting effect against dangerous viruses and bacteria than traditional scrubbing and wiping.

Green Sanitation Products Rule in Critical Service Areas

Hospitals and daycare centers are places that need the most aggressive sanitation treatments. People who visit medical clinics often have fragile immune systems. We’ve tailored our green sanitation services with them in mind.

Making Your Facilities Smell Fresher Longer with Sanitation Services

A fresh-smelling space is a pleasant side benefit of these deep cleaning treatments. Our expert custodians apply our sanitation products to toilets, sinks, hardware, soap dispensers, and other high-touch fixtures. This eliminates the growth of odor-causing bacteria for longer periods of time than regular cleaning alone.

disinfection services

Are you concerned about the presence of germs or the spread of viruses in your office, church, school or public building? The disinfection team at Elite Pressure Washing Services is ready to respond. All surfaces are treated with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended products that kill 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Keep your employees and loved ones safe and healthy.

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