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Pressure Washing Services

We know that having a clean fleet represents more than just a clean vehicle, it represents your clients first impressions of your company.  That is why with Elite Pressure Washing Services  you can trust that you are receiving detailed work from a licensed contractor that has taken every effort to make sure we’re using the most advanced and safest processes to give your company’s fleet the quality clean that you expect without any compromises. There are different approaches to washing vehicles, depending on the type of debris, how much washing needs to be completed, how often the clean is conducted, and more. We’re available to address any issues with your vehicles!

Our mobile fleet technicians are certified and equipped to visit your work site. With cold and hot water pressure that reaches up to 4000 PSI and with professional equipment that runs at 7 to 8 GPM, we are able to clean just about any vehicle. We also use specialized biodegradable industrial-grade soaps and detergents which can handle the toughest jobs. We also use a water recovery system to prevent runoff from entering the storm drains!

We have fleet care packages which are designed to keep your vehicle spotless year-round. We will work with you to develop a schedule and maintain your fleet to the highest of standards at competitive rates. Elite Pressure Washing Services is reliable and offers satisfaction guaranteed for the following vehicles:

Semi-Trailer Truck

Tanker Truck

Government and Municipal Fleet Vehicles


Private Company Fleet Vehicles

Agricultural Vehicles and Equipment

Full Power Wash Clean

We’ll use the highest power possible and the strongest paint safe detergents to clear away potentially years of buildup. The more often you get it cleaned, the faster and less costly it is as well as it makes it possible to clear away road debris with less labor.

Graffiti Removal

If your vehicles have been tagged with graffiti, we can potentially clear away the excess paint layers using a hot water wash and 3000 PSI power. Heating it weakens the paint, and the higher power helps to wash it away.

Vehicle Wrap Wash

Vehicles That have wraps on them (vinyl sign covers that look like paint) require a special approach. A lower pressure (2000 PSI) is needed to protect the vinyl cover while still giving it a fresh clean.

Heavy Machinery

Construction vehicles can be cleaned all around the vehicles. This not only provides a better clean, but also improves performance and extends the operational life of the machine.

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